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Accrued Interest  The interest a security has earned on a given date covering a specified period.
Amortization  Write-off of premium/discount of notes and bonds over the remaining life of the security.
Book Value  The purchase amount of Treasury securities net of premiums or discounts.
Discount  The difference between the price and the par value when less than par value is paid or received for a security.
Face (Par) Value  The stated or face amount of a security, without premium or discount, which will be paid at maturity.
Interest Rate  A stated annual percentage rate applied to a specific issue of notes or bonds by which interest payments are calculated.
Maturity Date  The date specified in the offering announcement on which a security becomes due and payable, and ceases to earn interest.
Purchase Discount  When a security is purchased for an amount less than the par value.
Realized Discount Amount  The amount of discount earned.
Purchase Premium  When a security is purchased for an amount greater than the par value.
Security  A Treasury Bill, Note, or Bond described under Treasury.
Treasury Bill    A short-term security whose maturities range from one week to six months.
Treasury Note  A mid-term security whose maturities range form six months to ten years.
Yield  Calculated yield to maturity and is the annualized rate of return on a note of bond expressed in percentage terms.